Suzhou TianShiDa Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (mainly engaged in plastic injection molding)

The injection molding workshop was established in October 2007

Mold department was established in 2009 (production and maintenance of plastic mold)

In June 2011, the painting department was established (mainly engaged in painting plastic parts)

Set up machining department in March 2012 (mainly engaged in metal machining)

Electrostatic powder spraying department was established in May 2012 (mainly engaged in metal surface spraying)

Add dust-free purification injection molding workshop in January 2018

Main customers: Zeiss, Leica, frekson, Fresenius, anax, haidex, Datacolor, etc, Invec medical in the United States, Tokyo optical medical in Japan, Shanghai eisey medical, Suzhou Warrenville medical, Suzhou Kangjie medical, Suzhou Yiman medical, Suzhou SeMet medical, Suzhou Corell aviation technology, Suzhou Yuyue medical, etc.


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